You’re more than just a skilled nurse. You’re a comforting presence, a shoulder to cry on, and a cool hand to soothe a fevered brow. You deserve to be part of a company that sees your worth.

Nurses of Distinction

At Charisma, we know our nurses are as important to health care as the medicine itself. That’s why we don’t just help you find work in a suitable location – we also invest in your career by giving you regular opportunities to strengthen and develop your professional skills.

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Charisma career FAQs

Want to know more about joining Charisma? Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

To register with us, you’ll need:
•  A valid SANC registration
•  A certified copy of your ID
•  A certified copy of your matric certificate
•  Certified copies of your diplomas and certificates
•  Proof of your banking details (either a bank statement or a bank-stamped letter
•  Your SARS reference number
•  A copy of your CV
•  Proof of your Hepatitis A and B inoculations
•  Your BLS certification (we can arrange training if you’re not yet certified
•  Professional indemnity. If you don’t have this insurance cover, we can help you to get it

Writing and passing a test is a Charisma requirement. This ensures that you have the knowledge and skills that are aligned to your scope of practice, and it helps us to identify any training and development you might need.

Yes, Charisma has a structured orientation programme. It includes classroom teaching, medication and documentation workshops, as well as practical learning and evaluations.

To find work with Charisma, it’s important that you make sure we have your updated contact details. Contact your local branch weekly to let them know when you’re available.
We will do our best to allocate you to hospitals that are close to where you live or on your transport route. The more flexible you are in terms of where and when you want to work, the easier it will be for us to place you.

CPD is the abbreviation for Continuing Professional Development. It’s a points-based initiative designed to support your responsibility as a nurse to maintain your professional knowledge and skills, and to ensure that these remain current and relevant throughout your career.

To earn CPD points, you’ll have to attend various training and workshops. At the end of each year, you’ll be required to have earned a specific number of points for that year, which will soon be a prerequisite for maintaining your Nursing Council Registration and your license to practice as a nurse.
In other words, if you don’t attend the training sessions and workshops, you won’t accrue CPD points and you won’t have the required points maintain your SANC registration.

Yes. Our CPD programme works in conjunction with our clients. You’ll be expected to attend lectures and workshops in your own time and, in some instances, to complete assignments.

Yes. These are the standard benefits you’re eligible for with Charisma:
Annual leave: This is included in your hourly wage (we have a Ministerial Determination that allows us to do this). You’re also welcome to use our annual leave-saving option.
Sick and family-responsibility leave:  This will be explained to you during orientation. Other benefits: Charisma has several other benefits, insurance products and extras that will also be explained during your orientation. If there’s something you want to know that isn’t covered in this list, please contact us.