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When the people you love need professional care, they need more than a machine to check blood pressure. They need someone who will lift and move them with the tenderness and care that you would. They deserve a comforting voice and a warm hand to hold in tough moments. Charisma’s home care solutions give your loved one access to gentle, professional and reliable care in the comfort of their own home, whether what’s needed is:

  • Senior care
  • Respite care (temporary replacement for a regular care worker)
  • Post-hospital discharge
  • Rehabilitation
  • End-of-life care

What our care workers do

Our care workers undergo a stringent screening process, followed by a structured induction and training programme. By the time they get to you, they’re not only proficient in attending to the activities of daily living, but also in:

  • Taking patients’ temperatures
  • Recording blood pressure and blood glucose levels
  • Changing simple wound dressings

6 steps to at-home care

Finding your Charisma home care worker is as simple as following these six steps:

  1. Telephonic assessment
  2. Selection of care package
  3. Contract and payment
  4. Meeting the patient
  5. Home-care assessment
  6. 5-star support

Home care FAQs

Interested in home care? Browse the questions below or contact us for more info.

We ask a lot of questions to help us find the right care package for your needs and to assess whether there are any aids the patient needs for his/her safety and comfort.

As soon as you’ve chosen your care package, we’ll send you a detailed quote and contract. Please sign these and return them with your proof of payment. Payment for our services is upfront. If these expenses are covered by your medical aid, please negotiate a settlement directly with the medical aid. Please note that Charisma has a practice number but does not deal with Medical Aids. The onus is on the Client to negotiate and claim back from their Medical Aid.

Each case is different. If the patient is being discharged from a hospital, s/he could meet the care worker once s/he’s back home or even at the hospital, before travelling home together. On the care worker’s first day the patient will also be visited by a professional nurse, who will ensure the suitability of the physical environment and advise if you need any special equipment. After assessing the patient’s needs, a care plan will be created for the care worker to follow.

The care plan is a tool we use to record the patient’s daily living activities, what they need assistance with, and how the care worker should provide care. The care worker will use this to keep a record of his/her care and make notes on the activities of the day.

Charisma care workers never work alone. The nurse who created the patient’s care plan stays in weekly contact with you and the care worker. If needed, s/he can make site visits to:
•  Assess and monitor the care provided by the care worker
•  Assess the patient and adjust the care plan accordingly
•  Ensure that the care worker is meeting the patient's needs

To keep Charisma care workers healthy, happy and able to care for you or your loved ones, we adhere to their legal rights regarding weekly and monthly working hours. Our rosters are fully transparent – so you’ll not only be aware of your care worker’s leave schedule, but we’ll also provide you with a replacement when s/he’s away. We do our best to give you the same people every time, but if you’re working with a care worker for the first time,
s/he will be accompanied by the professional nurse, to facilitate the introduction and care plan hand-over.

You can expect your care worker to:
1. Arrive on time 2. Spend as many hours with the patient as stipulated in your care plan
3. Help with daily living assistance (not domestic work)
4. Prepare and serve light meals and liquid refreshments
5. Keep the physical environment clean and tidy

Unless your care worker is living in your home, it isn’t necessary to provide meals for him/her; s/he will bring his/her own daily meal/s. We do ask that he/she have access to liquid refreshments at tea and meal times though.

If you’ve got the equipment available, Charisma care workers can:
•  Check the patient’s temperature
•  Check and record blood pressure
•  Check and record blood glucose

Our care workers can also prompt, assist or administer medication for you, but please pre-dispense whatever you can into a pillbox.

Applying for services

Simply follow these 5 steps:

  1. At an initial assessment meeting, we’ll discuss your needs and how we can address them.
  2. Together we’ll co-design and co-create the best nursing solution for you.
  3. We’ll send you a tailored proposal and a market-related quote.
  4. You’ll complete a credit application (the standard contracting process for listed companies).
  5. Once your application is approved and we’ve received your signed contract, your account will be opened and se delivery can begin.
Contact us to find out more.