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Medicine is changing. The future promises developments in nanotechnology, genomics, biochemistry, and beyond. Breakthroughs like three-parent babies, remote surgeries and 3D bioprinting are here – and they’re just the beginning. But one thing will never change: when a person you care about needs professional help, you want nursing solutions from an experienced specialist who wears their heart on their sleeve.

You want a Charisma nurse. Because Charisma nurses operate in the space where medical technology and quality health care come together. They care…in all the ways that really matter.

Our solutions

Medical fitness screening

We offer a wide variety of medical tests to the public, either at our Medical Fitness Screening Centre in Johannesburg, or through our paperless mobile service.

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Private home care

Our home care division cares for your loved one in their own home, whether they’ve been discharged from hospital, need daily assistance, or have reached their twilight hours.

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Staffing solutions

We provide trained nurses to private and public hospitals, ensuring excellence in a short-skilled market.

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Workforce management

We don’t just find kind, proficient and experienced nurses to assist you – we manage their employment too.

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lee Young

Charisma is a trailblazer in the healthcare sector of South Africa, making us the partner of choice in the industry. With our capable, credible and corporate alliances we are able to deliver staffing solutions, workforce management, medical fitness screening and home care. Innovation, creativity and customer relationships are at the heart of our success, and we embrace ‘variety’ with our employees and our culture, so that individual uniqueness adds to the richness of the Charisma tapestry. I am a proud ambassador of a people development company that lives by its core values: ENTRUST, DELIVER , TOGETHER.

Lee Young Managing Executive, Operations