Medicine is changing. The future promises developments in nanotechnology, genomics, biochemistry, and beyond. Breakthroughs like three-parent babies, remote surgeries, and 3D bioprinting are here – and they’re just the beginning. But one thing will never change: when a person you care about needs professional help, you want nursing solutions from an experienced specialist who wears their heart on their sleeve.

You want a Charisma nurse. Because Charisma nurses operate in the space where medical technology and quality health care come together. They care…in all the ways that really matter.

Charisma nurses are the heartbeat of South Africa’s medical organizations.

Charisma leadership

The performance of Charisma staff members is a testament to our leadership:


The Adcorp Group

Our foundation is Adcorp, the industry-leading workplace management company that provides diverse talent management solutions across a vast spectrum of industry sectors, job types and geographic regions. The Adcorp Group helps us to source the right people from anywhere in South Africa and Australia.


As part of Adcorp, a listed business, Charisma operates within the framework of international good governance structures and practices at the highest level. We adhere to these standards because we believe in doing the right thing in our business and in yours.